Used to describe a handshake from a person who has malicious intentions, in regards to your future.
Fuck smiley glad hands
With hidden agendas
Fuck these dysfunctional,
Insecure actresses

- from "Aenima" by Tool
by Thug 4 L1f3 September 21, 2005
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Glad handed is when you play a game of basketball and someone grabs your buns when you're down low.
I was in the lane and Buddy threw me the ball, next thing I know, someone glad handed me.
by Old_savage August 06, 2016
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To offer masturbatory assistance. Used in leu of the term reach-around.
i.e. After glad-handing my boss I got a massive pay raise.
by LanciferX August 10, 2010
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Somone like a politician who goes goes up and shakes everyone's hand with a great big smile. Feighned "Glad to meet ya."
Look at that jerk-off Mr. Glad-Hand cheeze-balling the crowd.
by ellmanholmes July 10, 2011
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