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Supreme Court of the United States, highest court in the USA. Judges are nominated by the president, and serve for life.
The SCOTUS is a bunch of old motherfuckers who have completely lost touch with reality.
by foo July 28, 2003

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white girl that only goes with black men
yo you crazy assed trailor trash wogsocket!
by foo June 22, 2003

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1) One who seeks all control in a relationship; One who insists on making all decisions.
"Tonight, honey, we're having meatloaf, whether you like it or not."
by Foo November 16, 2003

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A vision, how a mind sees the world.
Ganja has restored my sight. It has given me a new vision upon the world.
by foo November 10, 2003

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retarded little boy that thinks he's cool
Everyone else: fuck you fag
by foo June 23, 2003

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equipment used to chill beer while dispensing.
joe was dispensing cold beer on his jocky box at the picnic
by foo November 22, 2003

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Slang term for dick.
"Villman, stop playing with your peniX!"
by foo December 20, 2002

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