Not to be confused with the compound word girlfriend, a "girl friend" (two words) is a girl who is your friend, but not a girlfriend.

Every guy should have a girl friend. A good girl friend is just like one of the guys, except a girl. Also, if you're going through shit with your girlfriend then it's nice to know you have a female on your side.

Girl friends don't have to be unattractive, either. But keep in mind that a girl friend shouldn't be confused with a romance interest you're trying to buddy-up first-- Girl friends remain strictly really good friends, even best friends.
My girlfriend dumped me because she thinks I lack the ability to be affectionate.

My girl friend Heather says that my (ex)girlfriend is just a stupid nympho and I'm perfectly date-able. Then we drank some beer and played Super Smash Bros.
by ryan y February 22, 2006
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A person every straight man should have in his life. They come in several varieties including casual, regular and serious. The casual girl friend is usually very unreliable and may be having casual relationships elsewhere.
A girl friend adds balance to the life of a single man. Get a girl friend should be a slogan used by doctors. A man with a good honest girl friend is much healthier than a man on his own as he takes more pride in his appearance and physical fitness.
by Criostoir Hulme August 25, 2005
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That girl you hang out with without sexual interests. Other people usually assume that both of you are fuckbuddys though.
" Hey dude, is that your girlfriend?"
"Yes but not that kind of way."
"So your just friends with benefits?"
"No she's just my Girl Friend."
"So she is your girlfriend?"
"No stupid we're just friends."
by Soviet Iran April 05, 2015
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a terrible situation to be in, occurs when two people are 'going out' however they are really no more than friends. the two people talk as much as a real couple, the male even spends all his money on the girl, but he recieves nothing in return apart from harsh comments and is often ignored.
tom: look nicole its been 4 months we must be able to kiss by now.
nicole: we can, just not in public or more than twice a week or if its a weekday.
tom: but why?
nicole: look im still a little embarrassed, surely you can understand that?
tom: (begins to cry) have you at least told your friends about us?

*nicole pretends not to have heard as the answer is clearly no, not even when asked does she confirm the relationship instead she just changes the subject. she remains toms girl friend
by dario l January 27, 2007
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Whinny,crazy,obessive females. Your better off with a puppy!
Dani! (ME!)
by homeslice February 28, 2004
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Differs from girlfriend, with the exception of the friendzone inbetween the words girl and friend "girl(friendzone)friend.
by Nemirov September 28, 2015
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The people you band together when you are a friend. You usually plan other's demises with them and are only together because of a fight or a compromise of that sort. You aren't really trusting of each other.

Can also be used to refer to the term, cheating on ___

May also mean friends that are close and go out to have fun, used for girls in this sort.
Me and my Girl-Friends were planning the demise of our mortal enemy
He had two girl-friends at one time, when they found out he was in trouble
Me and my girl0friends were going out for coffee
by Complete-Awesomeness February 10, 2010
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