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noun. pronounced "jinje-ness." a redhead's or "ginger's" business. only to be used by a redhead themselves.
"Stay out of my gingness." "Just minding my own gingness.
by kintar0 December 08, 2011
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Gingness: Chinglish Slang, consisting of the Base 'Ging', and the suffix 'ness'

勁(simplified 劲, Yale ging6)

1. strong, unyielding, tough, powerful, awesome(slang)

Ness: suffix attached to adjectives and participles, forming abstract nouns denoting quality and state (and often, by extension, something exemplifying a quality or state): Darkness; goodness; kindness; obliviousness; preparedness.

When put together Gingness is simular to greatness, but is more targeted to the above meanings. (strong, unyielding, tough, powerful, awesome etc)

It is also one of those words that really pop, like F*** making it very enjoyable to use.
A: Yesterday we messed arround with fireworks and blew up a truck.
B: Woah, Gingness!
by WithS December 14, 2010
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