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a) A brilliant invention of retailers whereby they can lock in advance sales without providing any goods or services, knowing that the gift card will force the recipient into their store who will most likely spend an additional amount above & beyond the card value, although the retailer ultimately hopes that the gift card will be lost or destroyed before said goods or services are redeemed.

b) A device whereby the giver can impose their will upon the receiver, but not necessarily provide the receiver with want they want.

c) A financial instrument providing income for 3rd parties, who purchase unneeded gift cards for 90 cents on the dollar and resell them for 95 cents on the dollar.

d) A foolish thing to send in the mail to a friend.
I'm giving gift cards so my friends can eat at restaurant "x" and see a movie at theater "y". I don't want to give cash and trust them to honor my request to go enjoy dinner and a movie at their favorite places.

I didn't realize that sending a gift card in the mail is even dumber than mailing cash. In fact, a gift card in an envelope is much easier for a thief to detect than cash. I guess that's why someone invented CHECKS many years ago, duh.
by MtBikeManiac January 05, 2014
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This is a verb to explain the act of giving a gift card.
The boss was so appreciative of the hard work the employees did he giftcarded them $100 gift cards
by Giftcarder1024 June 05, 2015
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