Scots word simply meaning "give"

Presumably derived either because we are to lazy to say all the letters in an English word, or we have just made it more streamlined and efficient over the years.
Gie that dinner money to yer brer... and make sure he sees it aw mind or ye'll meet a clout in the lug when yer in for yer tea.
by ram5ay April 9, 2011
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God I'm Evil... apply to situations when you represents the bad guy..
girl: you think i'm cute?
boy: no, i don't think so!... GIE
by Mater December 21, 2006
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a special pronounciation for the word gay used in a dereogatory manner by jocks.
"That guy can only bench press 200. He's gie."
by anonymous March 6, 2006
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A wedgie for girls.But instead of pulling panties, we pull our bra strapsor any part of the bra vigorously.
Edriana:Dania was being so annoying

today, I had to give her a bra-gie

to shut her up
by September 9, 2017
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Friendly and talkative, Ann Gies can be funny and make you smile, but they are particularly scared of long insects like centipedes and millipedes. They are also horrified by feminine horror such as Annabelle. They usually live in a one sided relationship but have a huge crush on someone.
Ann Gie really makes me laugh!!!
by NANCY-James December 21, 2017
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(Scottish Ned slang) To request that a fair maiden partake in smoking one's pole and / or place one's testis in her mouth.
"Gonna gie us a gobble, hen?" - Would you perhaps like to service my manhood with your mouth, fair maiden?

"She wouldnae gie us a gobble, pal!" - She refused to partake in smoking my pole and / or did not allow me to place my testis in her mouth, good sir!
by Gr8 August 20, 2009
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