Used to describe something so uncommonly big for which regular words just aren't enough.
A: damn, check out that large spider on the wall.

B: oooh!'s gianormous!
by axzze November 8, 2009
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Amy Davis invented the word gianormous.
A blend between giant and enormous.
by Amy Davis June 3, 2004
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hey look shes gianormous

don't you mean ginormous you ill-educated, illiterate pricks?!
by Prick #1 January 6, 2005
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It is the cross between giant and enormous - I came up with this word while sitting in a restaurant with friends. We all laughed about the "gianormous" steak and eggs breakfast served to us.
Look at the size of that steak (tiny) - "it's gianormous"
by Bobu9 April 27, 2007
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It is giant and enormous. When so etching you see is crossed between giant and enormous it becomes gianormous
Man1: look at that elephant

Man2: yeah it is gianormous
by Number10 June 9, 2015
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That Gianormic tree was in my way
by Sam Spezeski November 19, 2003
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