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5 definitions by Prick #1

Not actually a real word. Just some idiot putting a z on the end of man to indicate more than one man, which should really be men.
"Yow Yow itz used by dem wite bois to diss us bad manz fo' sho"

Alternative: "Hey friends, those people were insulting us men"
by Prick #1 January 6, 2005
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When a person has forgot to disinfect their electric shaver so get a chronic bacterial disease.

See also: Cheesegrater hands
Imagine a face that has been grated with a cheesegrater
by Prick #1 January 7, 2005
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Some girl who is being a total bitch, particularyly offensive as it is basically calling them fat, and we know they dont like that.
"You fucking cow"
"Fuck off you cow"
"You cow!"
by Prick #1 January 6, 2005
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website where you can go and create ur own character, and go around places. Basically an interactive chatroom which your "mates" may try to get you to go on. Its a place where sad little girls or boys go to try and make friends, and ... dare i say it ... a bf/gf. Only for sadacts who cant socialise, or if u have nothing to do and want to laugh at townies.
"Omg I met the lushest boy on habbo, pete, he so lush"
by Prick #1 January 6, 2005
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hey look shes gianormous

don't you mean ginormous you ill-educated, illiterate pricks?!
by Prick #1 January 6, 2005
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