The act of lowering the drivers seat all the way back and hot boxing the car simultaneously; thus your car will appear to have a ghosts driving it.
"Aye bruh i got a big ass blunt, tryna Ghost Ride The Whip?
by dabmasterx November 01, 2013
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hanging outside of a whip with one hand on the steering wheel and the other in the air.
usualy, doors are closed and music is blastin'.
**bass must be turned all the way up**
" yo i was ghost ride the whipp'n last night and my mother called 5-0 on my ass.
by Becklot February 11, 2007
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(v) When a nigger jumps out of his stolen car to shake the lice/roaches out of his afro while still maintaining the constant velocity of his vehicle.
Nigger No.1, "Yo dawg, you gots a roach crawlin up on yo hed."
Nigger No.2, "Oh shoots Nyigga! Im bousta ghost ride duh whip!"
Nigger No.1, "Word bitch!"
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the act to circle around someone and dance. Derived from people ghost riding Tommy Pittenger. see ghost riding.
That person right over yonder is a great person to ghost ride the pitt.
by Thomas 'stuntin' beemis May 22, 2007
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A sexual act in which one of the participants puts a sheet over their body while engaging in sexual intercourse.
"I put a sheet over her then she did the ghost ride on me."
by SarahRichmond January 25, 2010
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