The act of you and your boys fucking a chick doggie style in the dark, while they never know its different people.
Yo, me, Will and Jordan ran the ghost train on some bitch last night! She never knew what it her!
by gangbangingskanks September 21, 2010
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When you wake up after a drinking session and you are in your bed still drunk/hungover and you get the fear, flashbacks or bad dreams about what you were saying or doing the previous night.
Man, I crashed out last night then woke up at 3am. I was on the Ghost Train all night after that.
by Ghostraininmofo February 11, 2018
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regrettable and unappealing composition of people:
If you arrive at a hangout after the hip crowd has moved on to greener pastures, the scenery you get to see is ghost-train like: You are confronted with the poor rejects that haven't been picked up to spend the night with someone.
I stumbled into to Jimmy's Rock House at 5 a.m. but it was completely ghost train.
by Bahuna January 26, 2008
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The feeling after being on a bender which offers up sweats, chills and shakes along with disturbed sleep and horrible dreams.
How are you feeling after that 3 day bender?
Aw man, a was riding the ghost train all last night, I feel like shit!
by Staifreak March 23, 2018
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Coined by the Escapist’s Yahtzee Crowshaw (best known for his Zero Punctuation series) is a 3rd person, single player, narratively driven story game that aggressively railroads the player through set pieces that move through the ebb and flow of “Queue” (the player is usually walking or platforming through a section dedicated to low times and story narration, during this time collectibles are found in deviations from the set path), “Thrill” (breaks Queue’s calm by inserting “tense, action-filled” glorified cutscenes that will ask you to either hold the stick in a certain direction for a certain amount of time, press some QTEs, or avoid obstacles in a set route.), and finally the “Gift Shop” (post Thrill, occasionally post Queue sections usually some sort of combat area, most likely arena focused where the player must kill all the baddies in a set area before the doors open to the next area, usually paired with a upgrade tree to not only tick a box, but to give you a grain of spice in your combat soufflé, never largely changing the core combat system)
The newest in the Uncharted series is just another in the series of Ghost Train Rides
by Colgrave November 28, 2021
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