The plural term for Ghey
Greg: Ugh look at Charl over there... what a ghey

Lewis: Actually, its Gheys. Look, she is standing with Tina

Greg: Ahh, i see. What Gheys *tut tut*
by Ashinthesky December 23, 2007
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ghey; it means more gay than gay (not the homosexual kind, the lame kind).
Dana: You're gay.
Melanie: You're g-h-e-y ghey.
Dana: *cries and trips over rock on floor and falls on face and the rats attack her, then the pigeons attack her and cries some more*
by TEE ALMiGHTY December 06, 2004
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When something annoys you without being a bummer. Like if I call my computer gay I don't mean it bums my modem.
"Chris was gay. But this computer is ghey."
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The derogatory spelling of the word 'gay' without meaning any offense homosexuals
You're ghey
by dedder May 27, 2010
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