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A full-size American automobile, of 1970's or earlier manufacture, V-8 powered (usually a big-block at that) in fair-to-poor cosmetic condition, but generally still in good enough mechanical condition to go fast in a straight line. "Ghetto" refers to one of the vehicle's native environments and rough exterior, and "sled" to the way they ride low but smoothly, usually on worn out suspensions, and with numerous passengers.

Probably derived from the more general term "lead sled"

Quite arguably the opposite of a rice burner, as they are heavy, extremely durable, American built, tend to have more go than show.
"I cracked the exhaust on my ghetto sled, again."

"My Chrysler is becoming a damn ghetto sled."

"My BMW was wrecked by some asshole in a ghetto sled."
by Eric Squires November 26, 2004
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a car that is so ghetto that the driver might do better to ride in a shopping cart instead.
bitch be rollin up in his new ride like he hot shit, but that ghetto sled is lame on wheels.
by LiVee July 24, 2008
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An old beat up car whose only asset is a set of rims that are way to big for the car. Most cars like it would have been crushed into cubes at this point.
Damn did you see that ghetto sled over there? It has so many rust holes it looks like it was in a driveby, but those 2,000 dollar rims sure are sharp.
by ladragnfly November 23, 2007
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Old school car dumped on its arse with whitewalls, pinstriping and a bit of bling and generally looking pimpin' yo. Built for cruising/prowling. Fine for old schoolers, rice if it's done to new cars because they will always look retarded with whitewalls and bling.
Check out the bagged merc bro... haha ghetto sled!
by sideways January 24, 2005
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A trick out, pimped out older vehicle that are frequently used for transportation of homeies about the neighborhood. The vehicle sometimes has a kicking stereo system.
The Boyz are a cruzing the hood in the ghetto sled.
by Kevin the Love Slave March 17, 2008
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Term used to depict horrible mutilation of otherwise driveable import cars by pubescent poser teens. the typical ghetto sled is base honda civic with cheesy alloy rims, an aero kit, and an exhaust that sounds like a lawnmower. these are the same kids that think decals make the car go faster.
hey, look at that tool in the ghetto sled
by JV November 06, 2002
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A rundown rusted out piece of crap car that barely runs but can be great for cruzin chicks in the hood. Typically a four door sedan.
Boy, Rick's ghettosled sure looks good as he is rollin with those new 22s and juggin a 40.
by Takes a Lick'n August 21, 2008
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