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The way a fine lady's rear can be seen from both the front and the back. Race is irrelevant. If you're fairly weak and can't handle a real piece of ass you probably have no love the the "ghetto booty" and further more,
don't have any business even thinking about doggystyle. Many white people do not understand how important the ghetto booty truly is. I am white and their mistake is MY GAIN!
when I got behind her you should have seen the way I made her ghetto booty jiggle!
by sizzlehead September 01, 2004
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a place where upper class white people hide from the real world to feel safe in the fact that they all pretty much look and talk and act alike
I work in Edina and I could easily put my foot up anyone's rear that gave me trouble, when i get back to Minneapolis i find my knife and all will be right with the world
by sizzlehead September 01, 2004
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Between 1930's through the 1950's, gangster is slang for marijuana.
Check out Iceberg Slim if you have doubts.
Gangster otherwise refers to one who is in a gang or someone is prepared to behave like a soldier and kill for their gang and/or family.
"I copped some gangster and now I will roll a joint"
by sizzlehead August 26, 2004
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