me and my friends are gonna j.o.(Jack-off) to G.G.W.
by Mike June 24, 2003
GGW stands for 'Global Geek Week,' an event where 'geeks,' are asked to make videos about how being a geek is so important. It is a prestigious event, judged by Hank Green, LisaNova and other famous nerds.
'I'm so going to take part in ggw!'
by AndyisLazy August 3, 2009
mostly used in kdramas but defined as god's gift to women.
girl: omg he is sooo hot and respectfull
girl2: he is such a GGW!
by dojaaaaaaaaa September 14, 2021
I fought in the GGW in my past life
Throughout the GGW, billions of souls were brutally murdered by the Reptilians.
by t00c00lforscho00l April 12, 2022
ggw ( good game whore ) another saying good game to someone but also calling them a whore.
you: " ggw "

me; dont call me a whore.
by tsaotdesad July 11, 2022