Noun: A blunt that is rolled utilizing 4 "Swisher Sweet" brand cigars licked together 2x2, with a minimum of 1/4 of an ounce of marijuana contained inside.

Origin: c. 2005; San Francisco East Bay Area, Union City, Ca. A play on the sound of "four".
"Damn dog, we need to pick up at least a quarter and four swishers to roll this George Foreman..."

"Bitch, you can't fade this fat ass blunt called a George Foreman."
by Kid Creole's Keys June 25, 2009
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Former heavyweight boxer and grill maker who was recently discovered to have no fingerprints due to a tragic accident in his early grill making life.
Former heavyweight boxer George Foreman, who has reached popularity again with his range of cooking appliances, was held by security for 4 hours at the Miami International Airport today.

Security would not allow Foreman, who had been doing promotion in Japan, back into the country as he could not provide the fingerprints required by federal law for entry. An accident over 15 years ago while using drain cleaner resulted in chemical burns to both his hands, and the loss of most of his fingerprints.

A spokesperson for the MIA, Terry Noble, said "It has been an unfortunate misunderstanding and the airport sincerely apologises to Mr Foreman." He also stated that a review of the procedures at the airport had been launched to prevent the situation arising again.
by Borange January 15, 2006
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Another term for "grill", as defined as "one's personal business". George Foreman, former heavyweight champion, is now most known for his revolutionary kitchen grill (The George Foreman Grill) that cuts the fat out of foods and cooks quicker than a conventional over or stove.
Girl 1: Ooooh that guy is all over Sandra!!
Girl 2: Damn, that nigga's all up in her George Foreman!!
by A1 and 2 May 14, 2005
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After recieving oral sex to the point of orgasm, the reciever aims and shoots his semen to the reciever's forehead, and then proceeds to wait for the semen to drip down the face and off the chin.
I gave her a George Foreman, and I watched as my delectable fat dripped off that ho's grill.
by Frank West August 28, 2006
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When you get a boner and it rubs against your leg causing irritation that resembles a grill burn.
Guy 1: Dude I got a hard on during my cross country race and it rubbed against my leg for 3 miles and now the spot burns.
Guy 2: Ha ha bro sounds like you got a George Foreman
by Defining Jew September 9, 2014
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Verb-The act of grilling something using the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine
Did you see what happened to John's face?I heard he tripped in the kitchen and George Foremaned it.
by Willy Craig September 25, 2006
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A prank only to be used against a mortal enemy. One must deficate onto someone elses open laptop keyboard and then close it.

Grill 15 for fifteen minutes.....just kidding.
That girl slapped me, so I took her laptop and gave it The George Foreman.
by FPROLLER November 15, 2009
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