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Town in East Central Illinois known for being the home of the University of Illinois' pothead community. Filled with hippie-ass students and professors, plenty of asians, and lots of granola munching motherfuckers. Significant compliment of local drug dealers (and users) to satisfy the entertainment needs of the Champaign-Urbana student populace. Smells like a fuckin skunk. Clouds of weed smoke hang over the historic west, historic east, ghetto east, and ghetto north neighborhoods.
Ed: Haley lets go to herbana! My mans got a volcano and some headie nugs.
Haley: Ew, no, I don't do herbana...nothing but a bunch of of trees and shady ass motherfuckers puffing blunts underneath them.


Freshman: Dude, thanks for the hook up, but are you sure walking down a street five deep smoking a bong is a good idea?
Local: Don't be a pussy, this is Herbana. Only way we get stopped is if the cops ran out of weed.
by Ted Smokes February 02, 2011
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1. another name for marijuana.

origin: root- herb; meaning weed. suffix- ana; coming from the word nirvana, meaning a state of happiness.

i created this word to replace the overused, but not over-smoked words meaning the same thing.
lucy: "i love smoking herbana."
mary: "me too, i could smoke herbana all day."
suzie: "i wish herbana wasn't illegal."
jane: "it shouldn't be, it's a plant."
grace: "yeah, hugs not drugs just plants."
by herbana lover January 16, 2008
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