to get yourself motivated and to do it efficiently
Oh shit, my term paper is due tomorrow. Time to pull out the get busy tool....
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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This saying is used in reference to having sex either with someone or by yourself.
Joe hasn't had sex in so long he's usually busy getting busy with himself.
by jimmybomm March 15, 2021
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What were you doing last night Dave? Oh, you had a night in with your bird? Getting busy with mr jizzy?
by infamous budgerigar July 1, 2016
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I would so be down to have sex
Wow the guy is so hot he can get the business
by Hoelon December 20, 2016
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Phrase expressed to an individual butting into your life.
Her: So what's going on with you and Sally?

Me: Get some business, cunt.
by Copifax December 23, 2003
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to begin seriously doing what you need to do;
to begin to get serious; to begin to negotiate or conduct business;
to start talking about the subject to be discussed;
to apply oneself to serious matters; concentrate on work...
There was a real determination to get down to business.

The directors finally got down to business and decided to sign the contract.
by Kacler January 16, 2014
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