To take a drag off of someone elses cigarette
Yo man let me get a short off that nailnail dude
by keith August 9, 2003
"hey what are you doing tonight?"
"I'm going to get some shorts from this beezy."

by gabe s. January 4, 2006
Shorts sold on the 08' Vans Warped Tour By the band All Time Low with the words GET LOW printed on the back.The shorts come in multiple bright colors and arew too often worn by people who do not need to.

ATL Fan 2:At Warped Tour!

ATL Fan 1:I want some Get Low Shorts
by Lyiasha September 19, 2008
An expression often used in the military that means your contract or tour of duty is almost finished.
"I'm getting short." or "I'm too short for this dangerous mission..."
by Bucho_ky December 9, 2011
To laugh.
"Why are you getting short at me?!"
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get short at you!"
by kthxily May 18, 2009
Shorts that show of the butt.Used to attract the opposite sex,they are very short mostly worn by girls between the ages of 13 and 26.
Jane:Sarah was wearing thse get it girl shorts yesterday.
Jane:Yeah,all the guys were checking her out!
by applesausegirl June 25, 2009
an expression used to tell someone to stop acting like such a retard or to pay attention.
Person 1 (usually from a bible belt state): "Hey man, I think intelligent design is good theory."

Person 2 (not from a bible belt state): "Man get off the short bus."
by mistahtom July 17, 2006