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An area of the southern United States that has a large protestant (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ) church attending population. Most of these people are ignorant of their own beliefs, do not follow the laws they preach, and relentlessly attempt to convert those who do not follow their sect.
When you feel out of place or someone is out to get you, you can say, "I feel like an atheist in the bible belt."
by Itsjustluck March 22, 2004
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states in the Southeast plus Texaswhere fundamentalist and evangelical Christianity is taken very seriously.
by mandingoe June 05, 2004
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Hell, a place where all good things are banned, but are performed in excess by the people that banned them
I realized I was in bible belt hell when the preacher that lead the campaign to stay a dry county was arrested for DUI, having an eight ball, and a tranny hooker on his way to church to condemn all the evil sinners
by Paul S. W. September 10, 2006
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An area of the U.S., primarily the South, that has an enormously large number of Protestants. It's also a stereotypical term that recognizes the far southern United States for its faith, morals and huge presence of Protestant denominations including the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the world’s largest Protestant denomination. This stereotype paints people in the region as Rednecks, NASCAR lovers, radical Bible thumpers, and narrowminded bigots.

The Bible Belt stereotype is most prevalent in rural areas of the South, however.
by March 28, 2008
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