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Living here in Jersey
Fighting villains from afar
You gotta find first gear
In your giant robot-car


(show Coop pile-driving a Glorft mech with Megas)


(end hard-thrashing rock music
Theme tune exolains it all
by Coop April 08, 2005

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Giant robot with a car for a head

Modified to act like one big games console

Best show ever!
Big Giant robot beats up aliens what more would you need?
Pure Distruction, very funny and lots of violence!
by Coop March 30, 2005

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describing a transcendent beauty that forever consumes the hearts and minds of any who gaze at its stunning perfection
georgeous >> gorgeous
by coop April 24, 2005

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word is derived from the sound made by the exhast pipe on a white trash car.
the word is used to describe white trash people. gutter folk. the lowest of low on the food chain in the white trash community.
the two boogins began to make love to one another behind the dumpster at the mcdonalds on their break.
by coop September 05, 2004

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an extermly loud fat man on the teacher commitee in florida deca; a jackass; an extemly inconsiderate person
hosier is a jackass,
by coop May 06, 2005

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only the single greatest song of all time i dont care what any of yall fuckers say
to be a rock...and not to roll
by coop January 06, 2004

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White trash kids. Usually dirty and running through Wal-Mart unattended.
"You're little gritter, Dakota, bit my dog."
by Coop May 16, 2003

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