1. to make a common mistake, 2. enthusiasm preventing accuracy
I gented
He/she gented
You gented
by blizz May 3, 2003
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Gented or "i done a gent"
To do something absolutely wrong (& could lead to hazardess results).
by Malcolm December 22, 2003
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A term used by 'gentlemen' to describe/cover up ungentlemanly (normally seedy) behaviour.

Can also be used as a verb - to gent
Wife - "you better not be going to that 24 hour massage parlour again!"
Husband - "of course not dear I'm just off genting."

I'm just off for a gent
by Fayebee December 28, 2015
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Host: Ladies and Gents, I welcome you to today's show!

by dhjdhdnndnsnd June 2, 2010
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Just an absolute sound cunt. Always the kings of the party, keeps everything going, dances their socks off and everyone thinks they are hilarious. A complete shagger and most importantly supports Celtic. Also drinks Gentfast (first cousin of Buckfast)
‘Who’s that fit legend in the Celtic jersey, he’s obviously a complete GENT

Scott Brown is a complete Gent
by Board of Gents June 16, 2020
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A member of the "Gentrification" movement in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. A, usually, male who either moved to the area for or wanted to join a start-up.

Tell tale signs of a Gent are:
-Works at a start-up
-May label them self as an entrepreneur
-Has a job they can't really explain
-Inflated sense of self
-Superiority complex
-Could be considered a 'hipster' but has too much money for that.
-Tinder whore

The Northern California yuppie of the 2010s.
I met this gent through Tinder who took me for a ride in his Tesla and asked if I've ever been to Prague.

That gent thinks he's going to change the world with his new app about organic parasailing.
by Sanfrannative February 15, 2014
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A place in Malaysia that is very disappointing.

Hence an acronym for a disappointing performance or speech.
Dont be late on me again, always so genting!
by gentingman October 20, 2010
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