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Someone who needs healing
Someone who is at 199/200 health
Someone who plays genji
genji main(genji): I need healing
Soldier69(soldier 76): No
by Overwatch community February 10, 2017
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The annoying group of people who main Genji in the game Overwatch. They constantly ask for healing and focus more on kills than objectives, making the team lose 110% of the time.
Genji mains also feel the need to always play as Genji, even if there are no healers or tanks.
Genji Main, at full health: "I NEED HEALING, I NEED HEALING, I NEED HEALING!!!"
by ike.aa May 09, 2018
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Someone who picks the more skillful shimada brother mainly because of seagull and snipzy but ends up actually liking the character. Most of them are weebs who watch mostly “slice of life” category anime and sometimes hentai. They get a whole bunch of “I need healing” memes when really they are just fine without a healer and long as they don’t find a fucking monkey or laser lady.

Also loves every Ana that pockets them.
Ana/mercy: I wonder if this Genji main will be if any use.
Genji main: (if they have golden guns) *destroys everyone*
by BLINGxCR-the-pro-genji May 31, 2018
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Someone, specifically a prepubescent acne ridden male, who is the epitome of edgelord weeaboo. All this person does is make fun of people online, and then when the person makes fun of said main, he plays the victim card and guilt trips the entire team into feeling sorry for him. Can be used as a derogatory term outside of Overwatch.
Genji Main: Our healer needs to die. Pay attention to me, faggot

Healer: Don't call me names, little brat

Genji Main: Oh, everyone laugh at me, because I'm different, right? That's cyberbullying, you know?
by emeraldarcher04 July 11, 2017
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