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A mothafuckkin starfish
Patrick is a mothafuckkin starfish bitch
by A mothafuckkin starfish May 11, 2014

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Slang way of saying with you
Now ima be honest witcha…
by A mothafuckkin starfish May 30, 2014

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Another way to say I'm gonna go jack off. Code language.
I'm gonna go take a shower
by A mothafuckkin starfish April 03, 2014

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To want ass/dick so bad that one would go to the extreme to get said ass/dick. Usually the non contagious disease of thirst is found in females but it can also be found in men. Thirsty men are known to masturbate A LOT. Though this disease is not contagious, do not and I say DO NOT interact with thirsty bitches/manwhores.
Ben: I would run through the Sahara Desert, get stung by 14,562 bees simutaniously, fight off Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Shaq all at the same time, drive a bike with one wheel through Compton naked without any clothes nor means of protection, lick a sweaty ass donkey's pussy out, fuck a 74 year old woman who has herpes, and get my penis pierced in 17 different places just to have a 1 in 32,466,244,354,845 chance of breathing in a single air molecule that has touched your beautiful lips that I would love to lick so hard right now.

Girl: Dang bitch, thirsty…or naaaaww?
by A mothafuckkin starfish April 05, 2014

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To be thirstier than any male has been or ever will be. This state of thirstyness has nor never will be achieved
Billy: Dude holy crap I'm thirstier than a white girl.

Joe: Dang man, go get some water then.
by A mothafuckkin starfish March 02, 2014

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To jack off to someone's pictures on Instagram
I was Instagramming to that chick's pics last night
by A mothafuckkin starfish April 05, 2014

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Kanye West: I hear they do anything for a Klondike. Well I'll do anything for a blonde dyke.
by A mothafuckkin starfish February 23, 2014

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