Someone who is too ridiculously cool and street to be called getto but has a swagger to die for....
Will and Mim are like so gekko
by Miss Mizzle May 9, 2011
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Artificial gekko, amazing artist and musician. Accept no substitutes. Extremely heiss, creates randale.
That gekkos says 'sup g?'

The Razerz loves the gekko
by razerz January 9, 2005
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1. salamander
2. Anime-fag from Gent. His avatar is like the first letter of google.
Look there, it's a gekko?
by Pieterjan Steemans April 7, 2003
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Another term for a greedy person. A person that will sell his/her friends for fame and money, namely money. Term is a reference from the movie Wall Street.
Yo, Danny and I use to be best friends, but he got big and ditched me cause he's a Gekko.
by Maurice Krawford March 26, 2009
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something/ someone that is asian and cool
that boy is gekko as fuck
by sdawgf May 16, 2010
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When your taking a girl from behind against the wall and you use your finger to tickle her ass. Then watch her crawl up the wall like a gekko.
"gave my girl the gekko last night. She shot 5 feet up the wall"
by aussietimmy1234 August 7, 2008
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The corporate raider in the movie "Wall Street". He is the epitome of greed and excess in the 1980's and one who young gentlemen coming into wealth wish to emulate.
Greed is Good. -Gordon Gekko
by Phill G July 5, 2008
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