Deutsche for "ghost".
"The haunted house is full of geists."
"Ghosts I mean."
"Uh, riiiight."
by Dave September 9, 2004
To shake one's head side to side in either disappointment or shame.
My wife always geist's me when I fart in bed.
by Teeee January 17, 2008
n. a religion or an adherent to the belief in a spirit god as opposed to the Deists "clockmaker" god (made the world wound it up and is sitting back watching it unwind), the Theist god, a "human" god who watches and interfers when it feels like it. The Geists god is the spirit or force that organized the world and causes it to run.
I don't belive in God. So you're an atheist! Maybe some force, like magnetism, electricity, or gravity created the world and maybe is present ... Oh! So you're a Geist.
by Pierce P Cassidy September 2, 2006
when someone bombards you with useless unending opinions and dialog.
he was geisted to the point that he was ready to puncture his eardrums to drown out the unending useless dialog from his traveling companion.
by jakesmyth December 13, 2008
Geisting can be easily confused with ghosting. Geisting is more when a undefined relationship drains on your energy sexually because the partner is around, hovering, but does not commit to you emotionally. Therefore causing one to feel confused, disoriented and withdrawn from the healthier aspects of there life. Often, the person who is the victim of geisting is asked by family and friends to "not go into the light" that is blinding them about the red flags in the relationship.
Karrie Ann:. Bob and I are kicking it, but I don't know where this is going?
Tiffany:. What does he say?
Karrie Ann:. He says that WHEN I let you in emotionally , you will have all of me.
Tiffany:. Ah! He's just the geisting the p*ssy.
by Urban Librarian 400 June 19, 2019
When someone you've been dating suddenly ceases communication, and just as you think they have ghosted you, they text you. They stay around for a while and then disappear again. This may go on for some time. They come and go, like a poltergeist.
Kate: "How is it going with Tony?"
Grace: "So weird, he just texted me last night out of the blue, after not texting me for 2 weeks."
Kate: "Oh, he's geisting you, huh?"
by The Candidate March 13, 2017
verb; transitive; usually used in the passive voice: murdered, pwned, robbed, used, derided, smacked, taken advantage of, vitiated.

pronounced: geese•ted
that fool got geisted . . .
by mikey-tears December 17, 2006