Han kastet geir lengst av alle.
by kugaboy February 2, 2010
The most fantastic and amazing kind of person to ever exist. Extremely smart and witty, and all around charming to interact with, Geir is most definitely the top choice in lifelong happiness for all seeking such a thing. With an endless amount of talent overflowing from a brain so amazing that all else seems dimwitted in comparison, Geir is the epitome of perfection and will attract the love an attention from anyting Geir comes in contact with. Men and women swoon for his sexual appeal, but only a lucky few could ever be so blessed as to actually experience such intense amazement!
by pipedreams October 7, 2010
Geiring is when you tell somebody that they have nothing to do or if you're acting very silly.
A few examples of the verb to geir:

- Haha, you've got nothing to do.
- Stop geiring!

- Stop geiring in public, you son of a gun.
by Floppy4all December 8, 2009
An iPod owned by Australian youtuber DankPods that belonged to a norwegian man, featured in his first youtube video.
"Wow, It's Geir's iPod. I haven't seen it in months"
by DankPods Cousin November 26, 2020
Geir is a norwegian name usually given to boys whos hair is comparible to a sheep.
«Oh my god, look at his hair! We must call him Geir»
by Arne Baluba October 9, 2021
Norwegian for Gay, Homosexual,faggot og shitshuffler cannot be pronounced in danish!
Can also mean extremely fat!
Du er så geir!
kede geir skal du på sommerleir?
by einar888 August 24, 2005
The worst teacher you can have and he always trying to get close to you.
Ahh we have Geir as a teacher to day.
by Piggydicky November 14, 2019