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Geetar as in is cool. A kind of onomatopoeic way of saying the conventional 'Gui-tar'. Often used in southern states of the U.S through the local dialect, guitar pickers soon picked up on this accented 'Gee'. As an addition to the conventional explanation, the word 'Geet' is also a Hindu word for 'music and creativity' which, in my mind, makes saying 'Geetar' just that little bit more cooler than just 'Guitar'.
I just found an awesome site called with a free e-book to download.

" Paw, git my Geetar down from the shelf. I feel a heap o' fine pickin' about to happenin' "
by The Geetar Man January 18, 2010
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"Why I fand ma gee-tar in the at-tick th'other day and there was all these ro-dants insad it, but it still works yeah"
by gribble February 01, 2003
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Quite possibly the most annoying and stupid way to refer to a "guitar". Proper guitarist never say "geetar" as it's just too damn idiotic. Ranked with the word "exqueeseme".

1st person: Dude, come look at my geetar.

2nd person: *Thumps first person.*


Idiot: Exqueeseme, I'd like to buy a geetar!"
Guitar salesman: "Gtfo."
by The Wretched One December 30, 2005
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A cute or clever way of saying 'guitar'. Often used when someone really likes guitars, and uses this as an alternative. Depending on what text it's used in, it often is elongated like: geeeeetar. This way, showing how it would actually sound. It's only a goofy way of saying 'guitar'. All us dorks use it. xD
Dude, I love to play the geeeeeetar.
by Anna September 18, 2003
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an instrument that one plays. Also known as a guitar.
dude, you gotta see me new geetar!
by noname April 29, 2004
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The *cough* cool *cough* way to say guitar
Guy 1 - Wanna play GEETAR Hero with me?
Guy 2 - Dude, you're sad. It's GUITAR.
Guy 1 - No no no, I'm cool. I say GEETAR!
by DownloadThisSong February 13, 2008
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