A term used as opposed to "freaking out."
Could be used to describe the act of an angry fit or argument.
Also describe a state of an extreme behavior change from narcotics.
Also could be used to describe extreme behavior.
by A Darker Breed April 11, 2006
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Freaking shit over something so incredibly geeky or nerdy but too embarassed to specify what it is with a more specific verb or action
Carl was completly geeking out over *blank* last night.
by kataroomcn January 08, 2015
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the act of being forced to laugh uncontrollably, or the crazy noises one makes while laughing and high on marijuana or crack and having their feet tickled; the state of being that hyper-sensitive while the threat of being tickled exists-- gasping, snorting, chortling, struggling, so as to cause a raging erection on a male or a severe sexual desire in a woman.
The night I was smoking she decided to tickle my bare feet and I totally was geeking out!!!
by damn_u February 10, 2008
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"Geeking out" refers to the unnatural human infatuation or resulting obsession over a person, place or thing (common noun). Usually"geeking out" results in the human joining discussion boards, forums, real life outings, etc., where other geeks with similar interests discuss how great or shitty the noun is. Google is a key tool in geeking out. Research and knowledge is shared among the members in these gatherings thereby strengthening their geekyness. This geeking out behavior provides mental satisfaction and to some level order in the human's chaotic life.
Geek #1:Oh Shit! Did you see the new graphic card?!
Geek #2: OMG yes! I so want to get it!
Geek #1: It has like more gigabytes, gigahertz, and CUDA's that the previous one!
Geek #2: Shit man, I want to buy two, but I can't afford it.
Geek #1: *Sigh* Yeah, me too.

Sane person #1: Look at those geeks!
Sane person #2: They are totally "geeking out" over stupid shit.
by PrætorZ0d January 26, 2016
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