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1. when a geek is captivated by anything geeky, for

example their computer, causing them to totally

disregard the time and the people around them.

2. common reason why a geek is "running late" to an

event or even work.

3. a way for a geek to express their true geekiness

without inflicting boredom on their loved ones
Girlfriend: "Hey honey guess what? Blah blah blah blah blah...."

Boyfriend: no response

Girlfriend: "HELLO!!!! Did you hear what I said!!"

Boyfriend "Oh sorry babe I had my head phones on 'cause I was totally geeking out. Wanna see my new drake?"
by greencat February 05, 2010

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1. Most commonly known as the work place.

2. A place where you are required to interact

with "tools", see tool , who think that they

know what they are doing but really have no

damn clue.

3. A place where you are far more intelligent than

everyone around you and constantly must

fight the urge to "slap the stupid" out of each of

the tools around you- including management.

4. Also known as toolville, tool city or tool town.
Phone rings:
Father: Hello?
Daughter: Hey Daddy, whats up?
Father: Ugh...nothing. I'm in friggin' tool-hell.
Daughter: Ohhh...that sucks.
by greencat February 05, 2010

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