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thug1: bitch im 600 gbe thats the team fuck nigga dont want no beef
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by hesakilla600 September 27, 2018
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Glory Boyz Entertainment. A rap group based in Southern Chicago, basically a bunch of thugs. Including Chief Keef.
Chief Keef always be reppin GBE. #3hunna
by gbeoblock May 30, 2012
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Graduation By Execution (i wish)
It actually stands for Graduation By Exhibition
It's some stupid crap that you have to graduate from school where you have to present and explain how your school changed you for the better or how it made you rethink about pulling the trigger or some crap like that
Every teacher is gonna stress you out about it and if you don't do it then you don't graduate
Teacher: Hows that GBE work going?
Student: (eternal screaming and crying that will never end) It's going alright
by Mr. Vreys April 25, 2017
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