The inverse of metrosexual. Basically, a man who doesn't care about fashion, hair product, or window treatments - but he's gay. He might be interested in sports, cars, electronics and other straight guy stuff. You would never think he's gay until you find his porn collection.
John's roommate seemed normal, but he left a DVD in the player. When John pressed eject, he found out his roommate was a gaywalker.
by pop361 February 06, 2010
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When a heterosexual man walks with a certain pep, strut, or swagger closely resembling that of a flaming, flamboyant homosexual man.
"Who's that homo walking toward us?" - Dave
"Wait a sec, that looks like Mike!" - James
"Man, he's a total gaywalker!" - Dave
by The Bay Area Stranger April 20, 2009
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