Goofing off. Acting a fool, not taking the current situation serious.
by Rae Roane January 25, 2006
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V The proccess of homosexual men competing for the title of "who is the gayest." Usually judged by fashion and wit it can also involve such acts baking, sewing, out-lisping, or out slutting.
Tom has had his homosexuality threatened. The only way to take back his pride is a gay off.
by Rizzlebert May 7, 2006
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A word to be used in preferance to fuck off. It sounds much cooler
Your such a stevetard,steve, gay off!!
by Steve March 5, 2004
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When there's no return from the depths of gayness you have reached
"Ellen Page is a lesbian now innit.."
"What, is she gayed off yeah?"
by K Jenner November 8, 2018
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A spray used to repel or keep gay people away, works similar to bug spray
I had to use gay off, to keep carl off, damb chocolate minor
by Gay sprayin all day December 15, 2004
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A teacher forcing a sixth grade class to perform Shakespeare
Johhny: Man, studying Romeo & Juliet really blows. Mr. Ford has really gayed off today
by mercutiohatah February 4, 2010
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