Acting like a slut - can be attributed to men or women. Mostly used to describe online activity.
Matt spent the night slutting online sorting out his gaydar shags.
by world March 31, 2005
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having sex with a slut. (like sledding but no snow or sled involved; just riding a slut)
"i met this whore at a party and went slutting all night!"
by aplsauce May 12, 2010
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the act of dancing in a disgusting way that simulates sexual activity with multiple partners. Side effects include the surrounding spectator's vomiting.
Look at the group over there, they won't stop slutting! It's gross!
by this has to stop February 13, 2011
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The act of hardcore flirting, sleeping with, or dating the subject of your friend's affection. Usually occurs after you and your friend discussed the means of who would chase said subject, and who would lay low.

(usually occurs in the female sex)
Girl 1: So last night, I hooked up with Mark.
Girl 2: I thought Stephanie was into Mark? Didn't she talk to you about it?
Girl 1: Yeah, but I went ahead anyway.
Girl 2: If that's not slutting, I don't know what is.
by jiynx June 10, 2010
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What every female enjoys doing in male company, yet vehemently denies.
Trudy's jugs were hanging out all over the show, man, she was slutting and lovin' it.
by MexicanHotSauce November 6, 2007
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Slutting describes a barely clothed 20-somthing old girl who lives in gays' and bisexuals' apartments rent free because the gay guy in the household is too nice to put the bi- ahem - young lady out.
Damn dude! Look at 'er! She's barely wearing any clothes. She's so slutting.
by Stephen-LOLZ! September 2, 2006
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a really big slut. used in a (usually) playful way, but can very well be incriminating.
wow, that girl, what a slut-slut
by 349853 April 15, 2006
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