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Gayface is the look that gay men have that enables other gay men to quickly identify them as "family" no matter what they're doing, wearing or saying. Gayface is identifiable in photos. Gayface cannot be hidden by attempts to butch it up. Straight men with gayface are not really straight.
When I saw his picture in the paper, I immediately knew that girl on his arm was a beard because he totally has gayface.
by txsam June 22, 2006
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Gay men do not differ from straight men in the size and shape of any facial feature. Rather, the use of certain expressions can become ingrained in the musculature of the face over time. Since effeminate gay men utilize similar facial expressions as women, they develop female aging and muscle contraction patterns in their face. For example, gay face includes tightness around the mouth from pursing the lips, a facial expression common to gay men and women - but not to heterosexual men. Also, gay men are more emotionally expressive, leading to a general “tightness” and muscular activation through out the entire face. Gay face includes an eye expression that is both surprised looking and predatory. Eyebrows are usually arched higher than that of straight men, and eyebrow hair is manicured. There is often a slightly tan and/or leathery look to the skin, especially among older gay men. Lesbians also have a version of gay face that emulates the facial muscular usage patterns straight men. They exhibit an under expression of emotion, relaxed brows, relaxed eyes, and less taut mouth and cheek muscles than straight women. The skin is usually pale and splotchy.
"I could tell he was gay from 50 feet away. His gay face was pretty severe." And "It's amazing Liberace could get away saying he was straight with that severe of a gay face - not to mention the sequined costumes"
by gaybutnotinmyface July 04, 2006
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a straight (or even sometimes actually gay) person who has a face that would make you think that the person is a homosexual. Perez Hilton has used this term to describe Zac Effron's face.
"Did you see those dimples on Mario Lopez? He has such a gayface!"

"You know, I kind of think Steve Jobs has gayface too."
by Mandella J October 09, 2008
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Research has indicated that most people can identify a gay man by looking at his face, even if only doing so quickly. Other studies suggest that most people, regardless of their sexual orientation, consider the faces of gay men to be significantly more attractive than those of straight men.
I think that this guy is gay because he has a gay face.

He's way too cute to be straight, look at that pretty gay face.
by EBS1207 September 21, 2010
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Situation in which a heterosexual person pretends to be a homosexual person for laughs; a modern equivalent of Blackface.
While less acceptable in modern society, past decades have seen much comedic success in Gayface ventures like "Three's Company" and "Three to Tango."
by Rag Man July 11, 2009
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when the face of a man totally gives away the fact that he is gay.
person 1: How can she think he likes her?? He has a total case of gay face!

person 2: ya, any bff would totally pick up on the fact that he is gay from just his face!
by E-Jay-Dub February 19, 2010
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