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1. The most happy, attractive and joyous among others
2. The most high in a gay-scale, concerning behaviours and/or appearances that make one think that someone or something is homosexual or stupid.
1. He's nice, always smiling and never gets upset, probably the gayest person I have ever met.
2. I've seen men kissing each other, I've seen guys wearing pink pants, but your heart-shaped tattoo on your buttock is the gayest thing I've ever seen, John!
by arrobarriba April 27, 2008

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Intensifier used to describe something extremely good, tremendous, howling, with a touch of surprise.
- Have you seen the new chick who works at Moe's?
- No, where is she from?
- She's from China.
- Damn! So she must be flat like a board!
- No, you're wrong, mate! She's got wondrous boobs!
by arrobarriba April 27, 2008

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A stunning sight which let you find a needle in a haystack.

The expression comes from the unbelievable ability of CSI detectives of all series (some more than others) to spot a fingerprint in a dollar coin while it's still in somebody's pocket.

This sight can be one of the symptoms of csi-ititis.
Coretta: -Gas, honey, have you seen my fake eyelashes anywhere?
Gas: -Mhhhh... (carefully observes the surroundings)
Coretta:- ...?
Gas: -Mhhhh... (analyzes the composition of the air around himself)
Coretta: -Gas, what's the matter with you?!
Gas: -Your fake eyelashes are on the second table from the left of that restaurant.
Coretta: -How the hell do you know it?! I can barely see the restaurant!
Gas: -I've got a CSI sight, naivy!
by arrobarriba May 04, 2008

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