Someone who has many, many, many fangirls, drinks angrily, and is known for saying "boke! hinata boke!" or "idiot! hinata you idiot!." My personal nickname for him is "egg head fish face" sound like an insult but he rocks the look.
by Todoroki's scar January 20, 2021
an anime character who loves milk and has a crush on a short tangerine. Also has slight trama and loves volleyball. is a setter in volleyball who is very good.
bro did you see tobio kageyama's set?
by thegreateren December 16, 2021
Kageyama Tobio is a volleyball player (position: setter) for Karasuno High School in the incredibly popular Anime series, Haikyuu!!.

He is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL (like, have you seen his face!?), and even though he's rough around the edges, he's a genuinely good person.

He is currently 16 years old, 180.6 cm tall, and has been offered to participate in the National Youth Training Camp in Japan. (Just some background info ;) )

He's often shipped with fellow teammate, Hinata Shouyo. (Position: middle blocker; number 10). Their ship name is KageHina.

The smut is good. Check it out on wattpad lmao
Friend A: "Shittt, did you see the new Haikyuu!! episode last night?"

Friend B: "omg yeah I did! Kageyama Tobio is so good!"
by Momo is my dog's name September 12, 2017
A black haried boy with blue eyes who breathes,eats and drinks volleyball and is gay for tangerine.
unkown 1: hey whos ur fav character in anime

unkown 2: its kageyama Tobio
by Salmonarmy January 10, 2021
Human definition of gay panic, His heart is taken by the human tangerine Hinata Shoyo. CEO of *angrily drinks milk*. Also known as the king of the court but don't call him that, that is your death wish luv <3. Widdle blueberry with anger issues and loneliness.
"Hey, Who was that setter dude at karasuno." "idk i think his name was tabeyama kogio or sum shit" Kageyama Tobio
by jared19neverlearnedtoread November 27, 2020
kageyama tobio is one of the gayest men alive in the world, “who is he in gay for?” you may ask.. THE SUN! THE FREAKING SUNN 💀🤌🏾
omg kageyama tobio is so gay
by simplykenma December 25, 2020
kageyama tobio is one of the protagonists from "Haikyuu!!" He has a major crush on Hinata Shouyou but is too chicken to confess. Their ship name is kagehina. Its litterally the most canon ship and is %99.9999 going to happen. Kageyama's favorite word is "Dumbass". Not to mention, he is fucking beautiful! He is extremely good at Vollyball and is useless without Hinata.
Person 1: Who is that beautiful boi walking onto the court?!

Person 2: Thats kageyama tobio fam.
by Neito Monoma April 6, 2020