Also known as GBA, a common misconception among middle schoolers. It is the belief that hanging around gay people makes you gay, it's not a disease, you cant get it... now Cancero n the other hand...
by Keifer Jennings November 08, 2006
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the act of making out with a girl within 24 hours of her giving another guy head
Austin can now be considered gay by association because he made out with Kayla who recently had some lunch-time fun with Nathan
by arthur696969696969 November 23, 2010
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A loose organization of internet trolls. Used to be an actual organization until its leader got busted for computer hacking. The GNAA has become a meme, and while there is no longer a large organized group, many trolls claim to act on behalf of the GNAA, keeping the spirit alive.
(on an IRC network or 4chan board) Troll: Hello, I represent the Gay Nigger Association of America. How are you today?
Moderator/Operator: fuck off *bans troll*
Troll (connecting from another proxy): I'm back! All hail the Gay Nigger Association of America!
Moderator/Operator: oh its you again *bans troll again*
It never ends......
by The Poopy Fart Demon September 21, 2017
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