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1) The prevention of a potential hook-up. Either done by a jealous friend/douschebag, or by an overprotective friend (Mother Hen) of the girl involved in potential hook up. (see game killer.

2) The act of "cutting" at a 4-way stop sign and "cock-blocking" someone who has waited thier turn at a stop sign.
1) Guy 1: I'd really like to see you again.
Girl 1: I don't have to go home tonight.
Guy 2: Hey Carl, remember that time you shit yourself?
Girl 1: Ummm... I have somewhere to be...

2) This dumbass in a drivers ed car just cock blocked me at the stop sign. So I tailgated the fucker till he ran of the road, it was my turn at the stop sign, he needs to learn his place.
by Keifer Jennings November 08, 2006

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This requires some moral fortitude to successfully pull off. If you don't REALLY want to do it, you straight up won't. This is an act of breaking up or ensuring that the girl/guy you do this to NEVER calls you again.

1. You have to have sex with them first, other wise it's just not as effective.

2. After sex when they're asleep you've gotta take a crap somewhere other than the toilet.

3. Here's where the moral fortitude comes in, you'll need a ladder first and some thing to pick up your crap with.

4. Pick up your excrement and place it on top of the fan blades, spread it out, the smaller the pieces the better the effect.

5. Once all of your crap is safely on the fan blades get dressed and gather up all of your belongings in order to make a quick escape (did I mention this can only be done at their house, NOT your's.)

6. Start flicking the lights on and off and screaming until your unfortunate victim wakes up, once they start moving and moaning turn the fan to max and sprint the fuck out of there.

7. Never agree to meet them in person ever again as you'll be promptly castrated or killed.

8. If done right and fast enough the majority of the walls and floor near the corners will have little flecks of crap EVERYWHERE. If done wrong it might fall off the fan before you start, or it will create a few lumps of crap that are relatively easy to clean up.

TIP: if you feel like you may have taken to much time or your stool was a little dry it's okay to wet the fan blades before you turn it on.
Kenny: you know that fat bitch linda who's been sweating me for the past month?

Me: Oh No, you didn't have sex with her did you?

Kenny: Yeah, but it's okay cuz I pulled a Dirty Thunderstorm on her after we finished. I Made It Rain!!!

Me: You sick Bastard! (Laugh)
by keifer jennings May 20, 2008

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Also known as GBA, a common misconception among middle schoolers. It is the belief that hanging around gay people makes you gay, it's not a disease, you cant get it... now Cancero n the other hand...
Gay By Association is Gay...
by Keifer Jennings November 08, 2006

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1)An odd act performed by males at all-male sleepovers. It usually entails one of the men to place his scrotum on the face of the first guy to fall asleep. Pictures may be taken, but generally are not released out of respect for both parties involved.

2)The act of dipping one's scrotum into a females mouth repeatedly, usually after, or during oral. Usually performed while female is tonguing the scrotum.

3)A small paper pag containing ground tea leaf extract that when dipped into boiling water produces a (usually) sweet solution that may be consumed, we call it Tea.
1) Jerry fell asleep first, so Mark thought it would be funny to tea-bag him. Jerry never woke up and it produced a rather awkward situation which eventually led to us goign to bed in silence.

2) I was doing the nastiest, snagglepuss, hood rat bitch last night, and she wouldn't let me go anal, so I tea bagged her until she vomited, then went anal while she was leaning over the toilet.

3) My friends like to play with the tea bags before they place them in thier mugs.
by Keifer Jennings November 07, 2006

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A girlfriend with a penis.
A guy who is treated by the many girls that they are friends with as simply a platonic relationship partner.
Girl 1: Thats John, hes my BFF!!!
John: *Deep Sigh*... yeah, thats right

*Girls secretly laugh at him later for being such a nice guy*
by Keifer Jennings November 08, 2006

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