11 definitions by Nessa

bunk shwag.

low grade quality marijuana.
by Nessa December 31, 2004
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All tha otha greats is dead. Who's tha best alive? Jay-Z.
by Nessa February 4, 2004
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a loose promiscious women
this woman is a hoe is is mustrite yours and she is mustrite mines
by Nessa January 7, 2005
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fucken fag who are trien toooooo hard
by Nessa October 10, 2003
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1- The best game since..um.. ever! It was created for kids but surpisingly adults joined too. toontown.com
2- A theme park in Disneyworld--"Mickey's toontown"
Jimmy: I'm going to play toon town!! ^__^
Suzy: YAY! Me too! see 'ya there!
by Nessa April 12, 2005
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nuqqa is another word for nigga
yo what be up nuqqa!!
by Nessa August 5, 2004
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Turning up unexpected and unwanted at a party, house or gathering, etc
Having a well cool party till these chavs gatecrashed
by Nessa April 10, 2005
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