11 definitions by Nessa

a loose promiscious women
this woman is a hoe is is mustrite yours and she is mustrite mines
by Nessa January 06, 2005
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Can be used in a negative or positive way.
Positive-Outstanding, Totally Slammin'
Negative-Overwhelming, unbearable!
-Damn, The work today was Hellacious

+Damn, That playas booty was hellacious
by Nessa March 20, 2004
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Its tha name that rapper,Jay-Z calls himself since he considers himself tha "God" of rap.And Jehovah is anotha name for God.
They call me J-Hova cause tha flow is religious.
by Nessa February 01, 2004
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Turning up unexpected and unwanted at a party, house or gathering, etc
Having a well cool party till these chavs gatecrashed
by Nessa April 10, 2005
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