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A way-cooler word for chickpeas, and a major ingredient in hummus.

Something that must remain stocked at all times in college cafeteria salad bars. This is on pain of death or violent dismemberment by hoardes of trendy, enraged, pita-and-hummus-consuming college students.
This is your first night working the salad bar? Okay. First thing you need to do is figure out where we keep the garbanzo beans. Check the coolers. Find them. I don't even know what the freaking things are, but God help us if we ever run out of them.
by Lady Chevalier May 25, 2005
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a person or action that is utterly wack.

garbage or bammer

Man homeboy is straight garbanzo beans on the sticks!

that bitch at the club was garbanzo beans.
by Trentset May 28, 2008
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A short phrase spoken when you or someone else said something that was complete garbage or ludicrous.
"Going to make the best of it, and see what happens. Garbanzo beans."
by slurber November 03, 2015
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