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derived from "organic" ganic is a reference to the original term in means of ganic sauce, ganic clout
broooo that shit's ganic AF! Let's get ittttt.
by dasucc September 10, 2018
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Short for organic meaning better than fresh. Also means extremely cool or dope.
Yo dude, those kicks are fresh!
Nah bruh, they're ganic!

Did you see that shot?
Yea man, it was ganic!

This salad looks extra ganic!
by jSEO April 13, 2016
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A tall beautiful male, who is usually straight forward when it comes to his sexuality. Usually he has nice firm lips that you just want to bite on and has a big penis to please the women.
Did you see that man? I bet he's a Ganic because just look at him! He's to die for!
by PHCKA January 07, 2012
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