When you get attacked by a group of people.
Come help me bro, they're doing a ganga!
by Hubcho November 17, 2016
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Alex: Bro that girl is such a ganga.

Ryan: I know. Shes not even wearing clothes!
by wayy2quiche4u May 8, 2016
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A girl with red hair who’s friends can’t ever pronounce her ridiculous last name. Typically very sexy beautiful body who likes long walks in Bone infested woods. Also the president of nerd club.
“Did you hear back from Ms.Ganga yet?”

“Nah she’s probably out taking pictures of homeless people”

“Oh yeah you’re right”
by Blackthorn111 October 8, 2021
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“Hey bro see that chick over there?”
Yeah bro, she’s cute aye
Yeah but she’s a mad Ganga”
“Oh don’t worry then”
by AUD1GOD August 25, 2021
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Ganga is a good looking girl and she have the most beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes
She is naturally kind. She can be a bitch sometimes. So dont try to mess up with her. She will try to motivate you and hear your problems and give the best advice.She care for her more than caring other's emotions. But once she started to care she will never stop loving you, so keep her close to you forever.
Someone : Ganga is my best friend
Me : oh you're very Lucky to have Ganga in your life
by Abbiiieee November 25, 2021
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