-A female who part-takes in gangbangs
-Someone disgusting enough to lower themselves to a gangbang
-A whorish/slutty looking girl

The girl doesn't actually need to be a ganga to be called one.
Disgusting girls can also be called ganga's as well as girl's who have the appearance of being easy, cheap and dirty.
"Omg that chick is such a dirty ganga"

"That chick looks easy..." -"Yea, I heard she's a ganga"
by VAG-BADGE January 10, 2007
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Ganga is another word for slut and whore.
"Im big time ganga"

"Ewww, you know youre calling yourself a slut"
by SKINNY08 August 11, 2008
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Jon - "Hey man, let me have a hit of that ganga."
Me - "No bitch, go find ur own"
by Pot Queen April 14, 2005
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literally the coolest hottest person ever so much cooler than you bow down bitches
person 1: ganga > you
person 2: agreed
by Ahdkbahfhebs July 18, 2021
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Rave Groupie, or Gangas a group of girls you rave, party, fuck, do drugs with. Mostly used by the people from the Generation of Zyzz.
We had hella Gangas at EDC! Bro wait till hard summer .

One of the gangas started peaking, she fuaaarks hard.
by Handfulkidz November 24, 2016
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chicano n pocho term to the term gang.

but u have to pronounce the last letter -a- like spanish.

esta es mi ganga, ese..!

this is my ganga, ese..!
by mack 276 August 11, 2008
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contraction of the words: "gang of"

snynomous with a grip
There's a ganga cops outside! I have a ganga CDs at the house.
by Decepticonalchemist September 8, 2010
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