What you call a girl who is a hoe when they are being slutty around guys. Ayrib; an arabic word for f***
‘She’s such a slut bro... Ayrib gangas’
by thexygirl May 13, 2019
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people who waste their life, moping around, smoking a hell of alot of weed. all they think about is getting high, and although they dont admit it, they are infact addicted to weed.
tim: look at those wasters over there!
jack: yea they are such ganga heads.
by jmmt August 8, 2011
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A marijuana enthusiast looking to make a dollar and a cent in the industry.
My buddy just moved to Denver to open his own shop. He knows pot from a business side and the scientific side. He's a natural Ganga-preneur
by TheExpatreneur August 14, 2014
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A Group of fine young men who emerse upon clubs/pubs/parties looking for gangas wearing a signature TEAM GANGA shirt. Always Leave with 2 or more gangas. Inflict fear on every other guy at the party.
Team ganga enters.
Normal Guys at Party:God dammnn there goes how chances of pussy tonight...Team Ganga's here.
Team Ganga boys emerse upon any gangas
by Isabellaaaaa September 7, 2006
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A slut everybody gets to ride. The town doorknob.
Have you had ganga's mom yet?
by Das Ghostrhyda October 9, 2015
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A very peculiar and bitchassness girl who likes to burn the shit out of everything you say or do.
UGHH, stop being so janga ganga.
by yeemmhmm September 22, 2008
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The most powerful gods there are on any universe. The God's that watch over all the weed smoking, the pot toking, and control everything that has to do with mary jane herself. Whenever a pipe breaks, or you find a lucky bag in the pocket of the pants you havent worn since last week, there's a reason for it.
Dude, I was getting out of my bed and I dropped my pipe and it shattered! The Ganga Gods called and said you suck
by Dr No 27 January 30, 2012
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