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Rave Groupie, or Gangas a group of girls you rave, party, fuck, do drugs with. Mostly used by the people from the Generation of Zyzz.
We had hella Gangas at EDC! Bro wait till hard summer .

One of the gangas started peaking, she fuaaarks hard.
by Handfulkidz November 24, 2016
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A child who is mad and their rage can not be controlled because they are spoiled.
handful kid: @DerpTrolling Who the fuck plays on PS3s?

handful kid: @DerpTrolling nerd, get a life loser

handful kid: @xXHerseyBoyXx @DerpTrolling I can track down your phone number to your company address... You nerds gonna get raided.

ME: @TeamPill1 @DerpTrolling I made a comic for the handful kid, hes so mad. hes will going to go tell his mother.
by Handfulkidz January 4, 2014
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