Abbreviation of GoodAnimemes-Discord.
DiscordDude: Yo wanna join this cool server i found? its called GAM-D

DiscordDude2: Sure
by BurgerAxys December 30, 2020
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Used affectionately by friends to describe another friend....The name is bestowed upon one lucky member of the group because of their caring ways and used just to annoy the only lucky friend because the other friends can.
When walking into the bar I yelled "happy birthday Gam-Gam" to cause a scene and our friend was embarrassed ...and the name stuck.
by leftofwest November 10, 2020
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A person who force/trick/place themselves into important positions in people's lives (family, friends, acquaintances, etc.) to manipulate, take advantage of, or hurt others for personal gain or spite.

Gampa (male), Gamma (female), Gammy (child), Gam (non-binary)
I truly thought they cared about me, turns out they are just a Gampa/Gamma/Gam/Gammy.

Gampa (male); Gamma (female); Gam (non-binary/group of people); Gammy (child)
by CreationIsAwesome June 25, 2021
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A term for a study (of any discipline) that yields results exactly as expected by researchers, an obvious answer.
"I was reading Science Magazine and came across an experiment that tested whether kids study more or less with their phone in the room. I mean really guys, that is such a Gam study."
by SirBroccoli January 29, 2018
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your arms are like legs (also known as gams) therefor they are called shoulder gams
Jamieeee, my shoulder gams are sore from working outtttt
by kpt12893 December 21, 2019
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