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a condition often developed by doom or online game players when a player starts to stop blinking in order to be alert at all times.
"man did you notice that matt wasnt blinking?", "ya man ever since he started to play games online he got gamer eye"
by Matt french October 29, 2006
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When your eyes start to uncontrollably water and burn after extended periods of gaming. Thought to be caused by staring without blinking at your TV or computer screen for too long.
Gamer 1: crap crap crap! pause the game i got gamer eye, i can't see!

Gamer 2: Dude were online you can't pause...
by Knee-Grow10 March 04, 2009
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A condition caused by a gamer that goes extended periods of time without blinking. This can cause dry, bloodshot eyes, as well as experiencing pain when one finally does blink.
I spent all night playing DOOM; now I've got gamer eye.
by Kastera1000 June 07, 2011
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where you have been playing a video game causing your eyes to water and you haven't taken any blinks at the time of gaming
dude why's your eyes so red

ohh i've got gamer eye

oh try blinking it help
by dtguy January 10, 2011
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A stinging sensation occurring in either eye as a result of intense focus amongst a screen of any kind, without blinking for periods at a time. Symptoms can include red eyes and thoughts of gaming. Gamers experiencing Gamer Eye longer than 5.235790292 seconds should report to their local Optometrist immediately as extreme cases have been shown to result in Gamer Eyetis, an intense pain resulting in 10 second gamer eye conditions only the elitist of gamers have ever truly experienced.
Gamer: aye scape why u got gamer eye

scape: counting this edit frame for frame to unsure minimal fps
by Entai December 01, 2018
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A stinging sensation occurring in ones eye when staring at a screen for too long and not remembering to blink. Gamer Eye can occur during or after ones hardcore gaming sesh. Individuals finding themselves with gamer eye lasting longer than 5.3219 seconds should consult with a doctor as it may be a sign of Gamer Eyetis, a gamer ridden disease only contracted by the elitist of gamers.
Gamer1: Aye why Scape got gamer eye?
Gamer 2: he’s been counting the FPS manually in his edits and permanently suffers from Gamer Eyetis πŸ˜”
by Entai December 01, 2018
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