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Unidentified substance, especially located on something that should be clean and pristine.
The car was washed and waxed, but I found some remaining gakk on the hood afterword.
by slimon simon March 18, 2006
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A sharded crystal like substance that ma fucka's been known to smoke.Gakk
That sketchy ma fuckin' dizznan done fuct up again and got attacked by the gakk.
by crizznazy ma fucka January 08, 2005
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The sweaty, often cheesy and displeasing odor/taste that arises from the undercarriage of one's nutsack that is a collection of ball cheese and ass stink. may cause girlfriends to gag or be completely disgusted.
After a long day of hanging out and not showering, his Gakk was appalling when his girl wanted to go down on him
by KillForCash December 17, 2010
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