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The best guy in the world, usually a straight A student but is not a nerd at all.Usually he plays only a few sports, but are great at all of them. He loves hanging out with his friends, and he usually has a lot of them but he will be shy until you talk to him a few times. Anyone would be lucky to be friends with a trystan, and you would be even luckier if you were him.
"Thats trystan?" "Yep. I wish I was him. Hes the best at everything he does."
by TrystanIsBetter November 13, 2011
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A super hot guy who will make you think about him constantly. He is a very shy person at first but once he comes across to you he is very sweet and caring and even outgoing. He puts pride in all of his friends, family, and work. The more you talk to a Trystan, the more you will fall for him. He is also very smart too.
Girl: who’s your crush Sam?
Girl 2: omg it HAS to be Trystan. He is such a hottie.
Girl: omg you are so right. Trystan really is hot.
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Trystan's are extremely hot and super outgoing in text and a little shyer in person. Everyone likes Trystan. He is a baller and good. Popular but not mean.
Look, he's attractive and an amazing basketball player, he must be a Trystan!
by Soarrrrr March 9, 2014
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He is super duper cute and hot, he usually dates girls above his grade and he always puts his girl before anyone else even his family and he usually has a bunch of friends that are girls but dont get him wrong, he loves his girl, he usually dates girls with the names of Aubrey, Claire, Cathryn, Hannah, and so much more but usually trystans find there girl in middle school and stick with that girl forever Trystan also IS THE FUNNIEST KID YOULL EVER MEET but is the most loving person ever but he just doesnt show it to other people he only shows it to his girl
Woah look at Trystan with his girl he really loves her and isnt she a grade above him, Woah
by F A C T S N O N S T O P October 16, 2018
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Most beautiful girl in the world. Whenever you talk to her you'll be at a loss for words. She's super nice and insanely funny. No one can compare to her.
Guy one: yo, you see trystan over there?
Guy two: stares...
Guy one: you ok?
Guy two: yea sorry she's just so beautiful
by Jack Chang February 1, 2016
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