an empty house usually with intention of having a party
lewis: my parents are on holiday so i'm having a gaff

jason: yaaaaassss i'm buzzing , haven't been to your gaff in ages
by lolxoxomm February 13, 2017
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An error.
He was told to kiss the Pope's ring, but hadn't noticed the one on his finger. That was a real gaff.
by robcraine March 15, 2004
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noun - a prescription drug (vicodin, lortab, oxycontin, etc.)
verb - e.g. "to gaff" to snort a prescription drug
adj - e.g. "gaffed up" to be under the influence of prescription drugs
yo bring some gaffers over, we'll chop em up and gaff.
by gaffy taffy May 24, 2006
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Something that is fake or just not right. Like when someone buys a $20 fake Rolex or someone tries to explain to you how to do something the wrong way.
"Hey, look at this great Rolex I bought for $20" "That watch is gaff"

"Take a right after the Dairy Queen go straight for two miles" "Those directions are gaff"

by LoveBroker July 10, 2008
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a gaff is your house
as in im away til da gaff a minutie
by Wee O July 09, 2005
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